Industrial design & Mechanical design

Industrial designMechanical design

We provide design rendering, 3D mechanical design, and 2D drawing according to clients’ requirement.

Interference check

Interference check

We provide interference check based on 3D assembly data, benefiting time and cost in subsequent downstream manufacturing processes.

Mold flow analysis

Mold flow analysisMold flow analysis

We are equipped with the latest digital software for mold flow analysis. Based on flow simulations, we are able to translate the findings into our actual mold making processes.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling3D Modeling

We make 3D data like surface or solid data from design rendering, measuring data and 2D drawing.

Quality assurance

Quality assuranceQuality assurance

We pledge high quality job undertaking to all our customers. All parts undergo quality checks with complete First Article Inspection Report in 2D drawings.